Monday, July 25, 2011

The Power and At Times Necessity of the Use of "Rage" in Your Relationships

The Power and At Times Necessity of the Use of "Rage" in Your Relationships.

If and when someone in your relationship circle friend, relative, client, co-employee or yes even employer becomes or is abusive verbally, then the necessity of the use of "rage" in the relationship may be justified.

If and when fear, temperament, desperation or a combination of the three or for whatever reason motivates an individual to behave in an abusive way; if he/she is unwilling to listen is impatient and continues to behave in an abusive way then "rage" maybe the only, only, answer.

The beauty of "Animated Laughter with Feelings" is it's use by a person to "process" feelings reflective of emotions in a constructive, positive, creative, high energy, and hilarious way. It's fun to process (let go of, discharge, relinquish, release) dissonant feelings reflect of emotions by way of "Animated Laughter with Feelings".

However,finding the voice for rage; asserting yourself with rage may not be easy. When we learn to process our feelings constructively then our connection with our instinctive reactions and responses facilitate our expression of our feelings and emotions. Instinctively, one may react or respond with rage out of sheer emotional self-protection.

The emotional "self" may experience emotional devastation because of verbal abuse. Our only choice just maybe a reaction and response of rage to protect ourselves.

Perhaps you can think of those times in your life when the use of rage maybe useful?

"God grant me the serenity to accept others, situations, circumstances that I cannot "control". There are times when we were infants the experience of terror from our family of origin members placed us in conflict with ourselves. Perhaps, we experienced emotional devastation from our family of origin. We were helpless and had no way of controlling the adults rage against us. The result was we were terrified. The terror caused us to attempt to control others behavior in relationship to ourselves. Underlying our need to control others was our accumulated terror of the adults in our lives acting act against us. The result was our emotional devastation. We developed the need to prevent our emotional devastation so we learned defenses in order to control their terrifying behaviors in relationship to ourselves. In present time, we developed an inner conflict. We needed to prevent them from acting out and emotionally devastating us. Our inner conflict resulted in anxiety. We can free ourselves by processing our pain; processing our feelings reflective of the range of emotion from fear through terror. As we do so, we integrate the self, become more connected in mind, body, and spirit! We learn once again gradually to become precious and free!

"Rage" is definately only one way we can learn to express ourselves (if situations, circumstances call for it). "Rage" becomes but one form of expression in our arsenal to support and help us to protect the "self".

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unfulfilled Needs, Emotional Pain Reflective of Frustrations, Neediness, Anxiety, Insecurity, Compliance, Low Self-Esteem, then Release, Recovery, Self-Acceptance.

Unfulfilled Needs, Emotional Pain Reflective of Frustrations, Neediness, Anxiety, Insecurity,
Compliance, Low Self-Esteem then Release, Recovery, Self-Acceptance.

The chain that I describe above reflects a profound co-dependence that originates from birth trauma, emotional neglect (lack of nurturing), developmental neglect, emotional abuse, and/or abandonment, separation, betrayal. The chain is triggered by events, situations, circumstances, that reflects similar occurrences.

The above links in the equation seem to hold true. They are definitively clear. Emotional healing and the use of healing methods are essential.

Fortunately, if and when self-help alternative and traditional methods are used then healing can and will take place. There is definitely hope. Most licensed Doctors do not have the experience to suggest complimentary and alternative medicine or methods of addressing the above chain of disease and healing procedures. I'm a product of positive results. It does take courage to heal. However, the courage does in fact come when an individual seeks methods that will help them to help themselves.

Rigid beliefs usually prevent people from "opening up". Rigid beliefs prevent people from "changing". The use of flexible intelligence dissipates if and when rigid mechanical responses and reactions result from emotional hurt and trauma. We often just do not think about our rigid, mechanical, so-called canned responses.

I think a discussion on "changing" will be a forthcoming post on this blog.

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