Monday, May 16, 2011

The Dissipation of Chronic Distress

The Dissipation of Chronic Distress

We had a Business Networking Group Expo at our Spiritual Center yesterday. There were approximately fifteen who had displays of their businesses. I displayed my Medical Insurance as well as my holistic counseling skills/books.

A young woman approached me and expressed interest in having a paid session with me. She began to speak about her distress and was clearly overwhelmed by it. I listened to her and she began spontaneously to connect with, surrender, and release her feelings. I encouraged her with enthusiasm to continue with her emotional discharge as she continued to sob.

Her distress began to fall apart. It appeared that she was falling apart but based upon my experience; it was her distress that was falling apart. Too often, people are confused between a human being falling apart and their distress falling apart. Too often, one is embarrassed or fearful about being there for another human being while they are in deep distress and have a profound need for another human being just to be there for them in an empathetic and caring way. I encouraged her to stay connected to the feelings of fear and she did so. I handled my own feelings and had the courage to be there for her in a supportive manner.

We moved into another room where we had more privacy and she continued to connect with, surrender, and discharge her feelings of fear. I asked her to place her finger tips into the bottom of my spine. She embraced me and felt her finger tips at the base of my spine. Her finger tips at the base of my spine enabled her to ground herself as her loss of control intensified with profound sobbing and gradually her chronic distress began to dissipate. I continued to encourage her to feel her feelings again and again and again. She did so and her sobbing intensified more so.

I stayed firm in my ability to be there for her and she just continued to sob. Finally, it was time to return her to present time reality. I did so by asking her to describe items in the room, think of names beginning with different letters, and asked her questions about geography.

The result of her experience was positive. She claimed, "she felt better and her attention had improved". I'm glad I was able to be there for her spiritually.

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Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin. M.A. Master's of Psychology Human Behavior.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Doubters, The Skeptics, Those Who Are In Denial

The Doubters, The Skeptics, Those Who Are In Denial

It's Fear! It's Fear! It's Fear! When we repress a hurtful and traumatizing event, physical, emotional, or one as a result of unfulfilled needs causing neediness often we become doubters, skeptics, disbelievers, and are in denial. Our denial impacts our connection with reality. Our "selves" are impacted. The self is impacted with emotional shadow or with darkness. Again, the reason often is fear. We deny our fear. It's then that we can be in denial of a part of ourselves.

Our hurt and trauma physical, emotional, and neediness reflects pain. Pain can be processed using different methods that resonate with ourselves.
The emotional degree, depth, and dimension of our processing depends upon the nature of the hurt and trauma.

We may become less trustful and may have less faith in ourselves and others as well. Our ability to trust becomes challenged. Our relationships are impacted by our suppressed feelings reflective of our feelings/emotions of our anger, sadness and fear. The hurt and trauma impacts our ability to think. Our flexible intelligence is negatively impacted. It becomes difficult to think through an issue. It just becomes difficult to think clearly.

We can have a belief, a value, a lifestyle that keeps us stuck as well. Our beliefs, our values, and our lifestyles, can reflect our denial, skepticism and doubt as well.

We can be doubters, skeptics, and be in denial because of a lack of information, education, or just ignorance as well.

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Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A Masters of Psychology, Human Behavior.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Services for You - Holistic Counseling, Consulting, Presentations.

Services for You – Holistic Counseling, Consulting, Presentations.

Is there anyone in the wide world who has issues? Everyone has issues otherwise one is in denial! I’m offering holistic counseling, consulting, and presentations for individuals/couples/groups. I have a background of over forty-three years effectively, efficiently, with discipline addressing issues that inhabit human beings from their self-realization. I employ a variety of techniques which include: affirmations, appreciations, peer counseling structure, the eleven manifestations of emotional release, the power of primal sound which facilitates access to deeper feelings reflective of frozen emotions, mirror work, dayad, inner child, present time reality, circular healing breath methodologies (connection, surrender, and release), traditional methods of active listening, interventions, empathy, focus on feelings reflective of emotions and fun! Please refer to my website,, blogs including and contact me at 619-584-8093 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 619-584-8093 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Master’s of Psychology, Human Behavior