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I write about the ten components of the self, mental, emotional, physical, creative, social, heart, soul, intuitive, spirit, and the spiritual. The creative component of the self is often undeveloped by most people. However, it is the spice of everyones' life. It's the creative where the imagination expands and thrives. Our flexible intelligence is essential to expanding our imagination and expanding therefore our creative faculty.

Once we trigger our creativity through emotional stimulation an energy is created that expands and amplyfies its growth. The emotional is the fluid that oils the creative expansion of the self. The emotional personal growth is the cornerstone of creative expansion. When we feel good, when we feel "alive", when we feel happy and joyful our creative faculty thrives like a sunflower opening to the sun in the sky. When our creativity flourishes, emotionally we experience a joyful high.

When you release, let go of, relinquish, and trasmit energies within yourself, a stimulation of the hormones, a stimulation of the emotional component results and your creative juices begin to flow!

Please consider the next time you are creating something in your life. It could be just giving birth to a baby. Tell me how does it feel? Please put aside the pain for a moment. Please consider the next time you are writing a story and all the parts just seem to fall into place. How does it feel? Please consider when you do your passion and creativity flourishes. It's a creative high! It's a natural creative high!

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Forward of "I Dare to Heal with Laughter"

This is copied from my The third book is complete except for an edit. When monies begin to come to me from advertising on my blog; I'll publish the third book. Here is the forward to "I Dare to Heal with Laughter". I want to thank you all for E-mailing me and asking to advertise on the blog.


My chief goal in writing the “I Dare to Heal” series is to from a humanistic psychological, body; mind and spiritual approach help others to help themselves with the physical and emotional issues that impact their lives. My point of view is to always address the human side of the human being. This point of view can facilitate clear thinking about the human being. It’s quite challenging to find the human being behind the myriad of imprinted, embedded, ingrained, deeply rooted, hard wired, genetically coded patterns that one has acquired in life. When a human being willingly applies themselves consistently with a variety of self-help personal growth techniques success is possible and probably. The elegant solution to humanistic problems is to always address them in a humanistic holistic way! Humankind temperaments and personalities are impacted by the hurts and the traumas reflective of an individual’s biological, environmental, developmental, experiential, and genetic components. Human beings and life itself becomes complicated when they experience hurt and trauma. Quite often it’s “Patterns” that inhabit and hide the essence of a human being

An individuals’ ability to release and relinquish dissonant feelings reflective of emotions facilitates the integration and the revelation/self-realization of the self! It also results in transitioning and transforming behavior from rigidity to flexible cognitive thinking and intelligence. It enables them to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and the human condition of others. A human beings ability to release physical pain as well enables them to lessen the impact of organic conditions. This humanistic approach based upon a profound understanding of the intensity of feeling reflective of emotions and how it can impact the expansion of flexible intelligence and free oneself from bondage is special, multi-sided and unique. It’s incumbent upon a human being to take and accept personal responsibility for their unhealthy dysfunctional behaviors. The use of emotional release techniques are a component of personal growth.

When a human being crosses the threshold after consistently practicing emotional release techniques and “arrives” at experiencing the human side of the human being from the “inside out” it can be said that the quality of true “insight” has been achieved. It’s a state of consciousness that only can be characterized as spiritual in nature.

When human beings learn to effectively “let go” emotionally the result is a multi-faceted human expansion spiritually, mentally, in spirit, emotionally, physically, heart, soul, socially, creatively, and an intuitive. There is an integration/inter-connective result!

In achieving this success humans beings flexible intelligence expands as well. It facilitates a human beings ability to function better in the wide world. It enables humankind to support each others functioning and reemergence from distress and dysfunctional issues. As it is said in twelve step programs “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and your wisdom to know the difference”.

I share and describe dynamic holistic methodologies in my writing that readers can choose from in order to address their own issues. It’s my hope that by my sharing my insights, my stories, and my individual and relationship examples, it will facilitate an understanding, a pathway for my reader’s own direction toward wholeness on their life’s journey. It’s my desire that readers will gain both awareness, and insight into their own physical as well as emotional challenges. When one becomes aware of issues that create disharmony for oneself within oneself then it’s possible to begin the quest of processing the feelings that create our compulsive and obsessive thoughts. “PEAR” is the key. “PEAR” is an acronym for “Process Everything and Recovery”, recover and integrate the components of the self hidden from view by hurt and trauma. It’s important to qualify “PEAR” by saying “Process Most Everything and Recover”. After all, let us not demand too much from ourselves but let allow us to process that which is most dysfunctional in our lives which keeps us in severe emotional or physical bondage!

When we become aware of our issues we can also become alert to when and how our issues are triggered. What are the circumstances, situations, and present experiences that cause us to act out behaviors that do not serve our well-beings?

Perhaps, readers will learn to embrace their so-called undesirable experiences and their outcomes. We can learn to embrace, transform, and transcend our issues and our experiences so that the qualities of faith, courage, perseverance, persistence, patience, and resiliency have a possibility of prevailing.

It’s true that many of our experiences may cause us “to feel” that we are more than challenged in our lives.

It’s in letting go of the intensities of feelings as it reflects our emotions in relationship to our experiences and outcomes (which may seem undesirable) where we can possibly gain spiritual and emotional strength to transform undesirable behaviors. In this way we learn to renew ourselves and keep on keeping on with added enthusiasm. We learn to acquire necessary information for our well-being, infuse energy within, take charge and act on our own behalf and others. We learn to follow through with purpose and follow through with our God given purpose and mission in our lives. As a result our fears, frustrations, disappointments, dissipate and we can experience a myriad of accomplishments. The secret is to practice methods that resonate with ourselves and that facilitate both transformation, transcendence, and going beyond from within! Yet, another secret is to become aware and alert to our distractions that cause us to direct our attention elsewhere and not within ourselves but keep our attention directed upon our issues. It is possible in this way that we learn never, never, never to give up but to take joy on our journey and in of our lives. The gain is in our self-esteem and self-worth. It’s a desirable goal and is in the nature of the human spirit!

For example, I think of the prisoner of war experience of the Republican candidate for the presidential race of 2008 Mr. John McCain who expresses his personal and more importantly spiritual growth he experienced at the so-called Hanoi Hilton while be a prisoner of war during the Vietnam era.

The essential element and goal of animated laughter is for participants to address their issues in a wacky, zany, outrageous ridiculously fun way, to heal, gain insight, release, relinquish, let go in an from an authentic emotional base from within, and have a great time while practicing the process. If need be even to be seemingly juvenile in the process because it’s whatever it takes to peel away the onion skins and reveal the hidden self, the authentic self. After all, inner child work is to be expected in Animated Laughter with Feelings”.

The process focuses on and is spare headed by the connected healing breath. The “breath” anchors the participant so he/she is in control so that their “letting go”, releasing, relinquishing of dissonant feelings is productive, efficient, and effective. The participant develops trust so that they dare to heal and transcend, transform, as well as go beyond any fear reflective of internalized self-consciousness/inhibitions, and internalized self-judgments. The self-consciousness and judgments inhibit the person from “letting go”. The breath facilitates a movement through the defenses and facilitates a connection with dissonant energies and on the exhale the release of those feelings reflective of emotions. The participant is free to have fun, and behave in a zany, silly, ridiculous manner.

Attitude can be everything and your will to do, willing to do, willingness to act, and commitment to the process of learning to feel ones feelings is facilitated by simply having the mindset that “I will have fun” and my process will be unbelievably hilarious without limit! After all, animated laughter is the best of the best medicine. We let go of what physiologically our body needs to release and relinquish through our laughter.

In addition, one of the chief goals of animated laughter with feelings is to use the power of our breath to connect with our life force, our life energy, along with connecting to the intensity of our feelings and emotions. Traditional verbal therapy can only go so far in achieving a client’s liberation of themselves. It’s in achieving this goal where “Animated Laughter with Feelings” finds its authenticity! After all it’s a healing process that we seek.

We have fun learning to naturally achieve this goal. There are times when our feelings/emotions are dissonant and toxic. They can keep us stuck from acting on our own behalf. They can be self-defeating and cause us to experience dysfunction, helplessness, hopelessness, and create a “self” destructive attitude for ourselves and others. The recent economic downturn in the USA and the world is producing sudden reactive situations of mass murder by individuals who have accumulated repressed and suppressed feelings reflective of the range of emotions, sadness through grief, fear through terror, and acting out their anger through rage. In addition, our physical pain can create emotional challengers for us. It can make our lives miserable. We can reduce our pain energy by applying a variety of methods that resonate with us and in fact hopefully bring about healing. It is then we can use methods as our circular connected healing breath to connect with our life force along with our intensities of feelings/emotions, and begin the process of emotional release. As we do, we become clearer in our connection with our life force, our primal energy, our spirit and our connection with our spiritual entity.

We have then invoked a spiritual entity to foster miraculous healing of our issues. It states in co-dependency literature that “we admit our powerlessness and make a decision to turn our will over in trust to our higher power”. The use of the circular healing breath with its emphasis on connecting with our feelings/emotions and learning the pattern of releasing them is a way for us to turn over our power in trust to a higher power and as it is well said “Let Go, let God in”. It’s part of the secret that we must do it again and again and again until will have achieved our goal. It’s in processing “enough” of our dissonant feelings that we transform our self-defeating, dysfunctional behaviors. Our patience, our persistence, and our perseverance add up to our tenacity in attaining our liberation, our complete humanistic liberation of the self. We have liberated ourselves from the accumulated stress, distress, and chronic distress that have plagued humankind from their full and complete use of their flexible innate intelligence.

This is a dynamically fun way to again and again connect with our life energy, become more present and connect with zest. In achieving this goal our hurt and imprinted emotional and physical traumas can be addressed and we can begin the healing process. In fact, “Animated Laughter with Feelings” removes the edge from stress, distress and facilitates connection with profounder feelings/emotions by using an animated primal laughter sound. It is a loving practice that facilitates access to profounder toxic feelings that facilitates and enables our healing.

With “Animated Laughter with Feelings”, we obtain an opportunity to expand our human qualities. The qualities are depicted in the pyramid which I described in “I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power” i.e., our mental, emotional, spirit, spiritual, physical, social, creative, intuitive, heart, and soul centers.

We sure do feel a lot better after a zany ten to twenty minute laughter session. It’s extremely hard to stay depressed or anxious after hilariously releasing our emotions with uncontrollable animated laughter! If and when healing is our goal, then daring to heal becomes significantly easier and enjoyable.

Many of us are plagued by anxiety and depression that can take charge of our beings. We can easily lose faith and move into emotional anxiety and depression when we continuously react and are not alert to and aware of the direction our emotions are taking us. Simply put, we may have reacted because of painful circumstances or situations whether they may be within or may not be within our control. We may have had a blink of the eye “knee jerk terrifying reaction” from an imprinted, embedded, ingrained, deeply rooted, deeply seated, hard wired, and genetically coded past trauma? These serious traumas can vary. For example a child may witness a parent’s death, a parent having multiple personalities, abandonment, betrayal, or separation, or a severe physical illness. It may result in a rigid, mechanical behavioral reaction that without our instantaneous alertness to take charge, the rigid behavioral reaction takes immediate charge of ourselves. Often, we are not in touch and aware of how lethal our “Knee Jerk Reaction” has manifested itself into a rigid reactive behavior that just does not become us.

“Animated Laughter with Feelings” can with the willingness and commitment of an individual facilitate a person taking charge of themselves when they feel anxious and depressed! Willingness to partake in a new experience often occurs when an individual is desperate. A serious illness like cancer can be a catalyst for an individual to participate and succeed in ALWF. An individual becomes motivated to learn to reconnect with and process “feelings” and the result is that a participant then reconnects with their life force within themselves! We can also develop the ability to move within a ten to twenty minute space of time from a mood of helplessness, victimhood, and hopelessness to an attitude of zest, proactive, positive, and feeling, sounding, emotionally in charge! We shed layers of our onion skin so we reconnect with our life force energy! Our senses become vibrant and we taste life again. The senses become alive. We live again and we even sound alive! We sound as though life is worth living! We produce an animated sound of life itself! Even our body language becomes animated!

If and when because of circumstances and situations we become triggered, restimulated, or stuck in our “stuff” then we simply once again become proactive and embark upon ten minute “Animated Laughter with Feeling” session. We just initiate once again another laughter session. We keep on keeping on until we have broken the chain that holds us in bondage. It’s a proven formula that works. I know because of my own experience with the process and the leader/facilitator of many ALWF classes.

Finally, the psychological result can be profound as well. Some participants gain insight into their issues as they and subsequent to their release of toxic feelings and emotions become clearer as to their hurt and traumatizing experiences. Participants reconnect with those parts of themselves that had become lost because of traumatizing past or most recent events in their lives.

We certainly reinvigorate the cells of our body because of the oxygen levels and release endorphins, opiates, dopamine and serotonin that strengthen the immune system.

At this time, please access the “Animated Laughter with Feelings” video on The video you shall see is but a ten minute segment of a seventy-five minute plus class. I will refer to “Animated Laughter with Feelings” in the book as AWLF.


Joel V.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

If But One then Some........

If But One then Some can effectively, efficiently, with discipline can process feelings reflective of emotions then the empowerment of others is possible and probable!

When we share our loving insight to support others in their emergence from their painful issues then the wide world has an opportunity to benefit greatly from their insights. It results in a rising of states of consciousness to improve others health, happiness, and prosperity. We all succeed!

Just think, if many participate in their own emergence from repressed events by processing their suppressed accumulated feelings reflective of their emotions then we accomplish our individual enlightenment about ourselves. Our enlightenment can not help but to bring us joy and an authentic self experience of happiness.

When we are in relationship and both partners enthusiastically show the will, the willing (an intention) and most importantly the willingness (the commitment) to use methods to process feelings reflective of painful emotions then participants experience and amplification of joy and happiness. It requires that we apply ourselves to the task of self-awareness and acquiring methods to process and cleanse from within. When we are supportive of each other in achieving expansion emotionally our fears shrink away dramatically. I for one am committed to this task on a daily basis and encourage others in the wide world to make the commitment as well.

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It's Time to Set a Boundary

I want to thank everyone who have commented regarding "I Dare to Heal" posts and blog! I want to wish everyone of you Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous Thanksgiving.

We all are deserving of health, happiness and abundance. I most certainly appreciate all of you who have encouraged me to monetize the blog. However, I haven't found a good way to do so.

I'm happy to support others in promoting their products and websites. However, I am deserving of prosperity as well. I've been encouraged to monetize the sites by your comments. So, I will do so! From now on, I will only, only be approving those comments with products to offer who are happy to contribute a fee. Certainly, the purchase of two of my books, "I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love", or "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power" would suffice. If and when you choose to send me a fee for the promotion of your products and services that would also suffice. Please do so through my website at or just mail $1.00 per comment approved to 6390 Rancho Mission Rd. #207, San Diego, CA 92108. Payment should precede the approval of your comments, products and services.

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Best Wishes and Much Appreciation

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are "You" Entirely Ready......

Are "you" entirely ready to turn your will over to a higher power. This phrase is a twelve step concept. This theme is one of the major themes in Co-dependency. It requires a committment to be entirely ready to turn your will over to a higher power.

If and when you aim to connect with a spiritual entity and resolve your issues then it's incumbent upon an individual to make a committment to be a being who is entirely ready to turn stubbornness of "will" over to a higher power.

I achieved this by surrendering my resistence to let go, release, relinquish, transmit, and discharge my feelings reflective of my accumulated emotional pain. If I need to; I will do it almost everyday. The powerful terrifying feelings I experience that are triggered by everyday stress facilitates my being, being entirely ready to surrender my fears. In doing so, my spiritual aim, my connection with my spiritual higher power is achieved.

Therefore, I've come to believe in life, in living, in prospering. Gradually, I've come to believe my economic insecurity will "in fact" will slip away. More importantly, I've come to believe in how the universe works in healthy ways to facilitate my well being. I have gradually come to trust and have faith.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emotionally Overcome

Emotionally Overcome

Have you ever been emotionally overcome by circumstances and situations. Have you ever been emotionally overcome by feelings because of circumstances and situations from the present or the past? Have past distressful events come to the forefront and have you ever been overcome by the feelings reflective of the emotions?

Have you allowed and permitted yourself to experience the emotions and to release, relinquish, discharge, and let go of feelings reflective of the emotions. Did the experience feel horrible. Did it feel like emotionally "things" were falling apart?
Was it a "terrifying" experience. If and when the "feelings" and "emotions" are triggered by "life" circumstances and "life" situations "falling apart", practically, or emotionally, what can be done? How do we experience faith, trust, and connection to a spiritual entity? How can we recover and get through it to become whole beings again?

Certainly prayer helps a great deal. Feeling the "terror" and releasing it again and again by way of the manifestations of emotionally release is yet another way. We can dare to heal by acquiring methods and allowing and permitting ourselves to feel the feelings. It works, I know, I do it and it works well for me. This post and others cannot help but to encourage all to acquire methods that facilitate recovery and release of feelings reflective of emotions.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Those "Feelings"

Those "Feelings"

Often, when one opens the doorways to feelings reflective of emotions that reflect repressed issues; the feelings just seem to keep coming up! "Avoidance" and "Denial" of the feelings results in just suppression of the emotions. It's a reason to learn a variety of methods to process the feelings. We process the feelings so we can discharge, release, relinquish, let go of, and trasmit "them" out of our body.

It's understandable that most people just do not want to go there! They don't want to even touch the pandoras box (the kingdom of heaven). It's mainly because it requires "work". It requires an effort to process the emotions. It requires an effort to dynamically grow and expand the mind, body, and spirit. It requires an effort to expand emotionally. It requires an effort to acquire effective, efficient, and discipline methods of processing the feelings reflective of our dissonant emotions. It's "uncomfortable" for feelings to continually bubble up from the past repressed events. Perhaps, its just intolerable?

It's clear that nature will again and again place us in situations and circumstances that facilitate our opening the door to our personal growth. When we continually avoid and deny the calling of nature, the callings of our natures; we will emotionally experience a disconnect from ourselves. It's the disconnect from ourselves that is in fact intolerable?
What is your choice?

Please check out my website, and purchase the two books, "I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love", and "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power". I'll be available for counseling others on co-dependence issues in January. I'll be available to teach, to do presentations beginning in January as well.

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I want to thank you all, all for your comments. Most of your comments have been for me, totally amazing. I started my personal growth work when I was 20 and am glad it's now helping to help many people. It's a simple treasure to make a difference for people.

My webmaster recommended that I change the template for "I Dare to Heal". The boy or girl in the photo with one eye was never my idea. Actually, I'm not really sure how it ever got to be the template to begin with. I think it was perhaps a mistake on my or someone elses part?
What do you all think? Shall I change the template? I most certainly would like your reactions/responses.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Medication "X"

Medication "X"

I received a note from the pharmacist to phone Ms. "W". I'm a Medical Insurance Broker specializing in Medicare Plans, Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, (Health Maintenance/Preferred Provider Organizations, and Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plans, Small/Large Group Medical, Individual/Family, Global Health, Dental, and Vision Plans, I also taught Medical Terminology at three schools.

When I phoned Ms. "W" she was distressed within and expressing her anxiety as she claimed a bi-polar episode outwardly. She claimed a panic attack, was in a desparate state and required her "Medication X" immediately. She received a letter from the Health Insurance company saying that her co-pay for Medication X will be increasing substantially. She claimed that she would be committing sucide by jumping from a roof top. I told her that I was not a physician and did not have the authority to reduce her co-pays. However, she would immediately need to visit a Doctor or the emergency room and acquire support and help. She refused to visit the emergency room and passed the phone receiver to a friend. I repeated to her friend that Ms. "W" must visit a Doctor who would have the power to help her. Doctors can write medical exceptions for Medications. Medication "X" is a very common an effective in suppressing the "feelings" reflective of the emotions.

I have personally experienced the release of powerfully dynamic emotions reflective of deep seated suppressed frustrations emanating from "birth trauma". It would be truly wonderful for children to receive and effective/efficient and disciplined education as it reflects the healthy release of feelings reflective of emotions. I've described many processing methods in other posts.

Just think, never, never, never needing medications like "X" ever again. Just think, others being there in a supportive loving way while others effectively/efficiently and in a disciplined way just let, just let, just let, those deep seated, ingrained, hard wired, compulsively obsessive, imprinted and genetically coded "emotions" go................. It's truly an emoitonal organism dynamically expressed. It's totally healthy, nurturing, and naturally evolving in personal, spiritual growth!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Comments and Co-Dependence

Comments and Co-Dependence

If and when my readers go to the "Patterns and Characteristics of Co-Dependence they will find a wealth of "control, compliance, denial, and low self-esteem characteristics/patterns. The characteristics just keep expanding and expanding and expanding.

The victimization of people by way of manipulation as it reflects co-dependence often is quite deceptive. Usually, (but not always) when a commenter is negative, narrow in perspective reflecting a belief, value, habit, or trait, judgemental, condecending, invalidating, belittling, rude, crude, calculating, negatively nuanced, impulsive, compulsive, obsessive, ridiculing, immature, requesting a reply to a negative perspective, and impolite; then a pattern or characteristic of co-dependence is to be suspected. Know that I will publish comments of that nature for the wide world to "discern" for itself those perspectives! Transparancy is truly the best sushine.

Please check out my website, and purchase my books, "I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love", and "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power". I'm available for presentations beginning in January 2011 for fees and expenses world wide.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bringing More of "IT" Together!

Bringing More of "IT" Together

What specifically occurs when one is emotionally "triggered" by a situation or circumstance. Well, if and when a person represses an event, one suppresses "feelings" reflective of emotions; sadness through grief, anger through rage, and the big emotion, fear through terror. The "feelings" reflective of the emotions will ignite if and when one encounters similar situations and circumstances because of the senses. There will occur an emotional "knee jerk reaction" of the "feelings" reflective of the range of emotions.

The triggered, knee jerk fear, anger, sadness reaction separates us from our "Higher Power". We become "disconnected" from our "Higher Power". We gradually become more and more disconnected from your emotional body, our selves!

Examples might be economic insecurity (possible fear reaction), victimization by way of a controlling person manipulating , exploiting others, (anger reaction), scarcity, neediness issues, (fear, sad reactions), loss issue (guilt, grief reaction). There are many other examples.
The neediness issues reflect the four categories of the unfulfilled needs! which in turn reflect emotional and physical pain.

If and when one continues to suppress the pain and the "feelings" reflective of the emotions, dysfunctional behaviors may result. The classic dysfunctional behavior are "Addictions".

We can learn methods to create an emotional transparancy to access the feelings and then transform them through release, relinquishment, letting go, transmitting the feelings reflective of the emotions out of the body. We can use primal sound to access and the manifestations of emotional release to let go of the "feelings" reflective of the emotions. We can transcend the feelings/pain through prayer, hypnosis, reiki practice.

If and when we learn and acquire methods to process the "feelings", the underlying "feelings" reflective of the issues; it is then that we can heal.

Psycho-therapy is a beginning, but, but, but, only, only, only, a beginning.

When we begin to effectively, efficiently, with discipline address and let go of the "feelings" reflective of the range of emotions that we've suppressed; we reconnect not only with more of our emotional body, our selves, but also, also, also with our "Higher Power". This usually entails a good deal of processing to "Dare to Heal"!

Please check out my website,, purchase lots of books, "I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love", and "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power", especially for the coming holidays as gifts for your friends, family, aquaintances, neighbors, spiritual community, and many, many others.

I'll be available in January to speak before groups for fees, and expenses.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin. M.A. Masters of Psychology Human Behavior.

Saturday, November 6, 2010



"Triggers" occur when a someone experiences a "strong" emotional reaction because of what they read, what is said, or in real time experiencing the actual reality of the circumstances and situations. Often, I receive comments from readers that reflect their "strong emotional reactions". For example, "what you have written is ambiquous", was a recent comment pertaining to my post about "Forward to I Dare to Heal with Laughter". I can only assume that the individual who harbors this comment is in denial or has yet to experience feeling their emotions practicing/processing their feelings. In this case, I suggested that the commenter view and practice the video on, "Animated Laughter with Feelings". I most certainly understand the "judgements" of others. If and when one practices and succeeds at releasing feelings reflective of emotions it's easier to get the value of "animated laughter with feelings". There is no, no substitute for actually "experiencing" feeling ones feelings reflective of ones' emotions.
I always understood that it was important to be patient with others as I understood that it was important to be patient with myself.

Please check out my webiste, and purchase "I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love"/"I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power". I'm available for counseling on co-dependence issues in January as well as making presentations world wide for fees and expenses. My contact information is on the webiste.

Joel V. BA, Education., BBA, Business Admin., M.A. Masters of Psychology Human Behavior.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Control by Manipulation

Control by Manipulation

If and when one experiences "Control by Manipulation" it's important to speak up and assert ones voice. The "Control by Manipulation" can be direct, glib, spoken quickly, intellectualized, voiced with anger, or subtle. However it is experienced it' comes from someone who has suppressed, accumulated, emotional pain. It's really a "crying out" in "neediness" to be loved by a being who is "desperately" in need of integrating the self. It comes from the two of the four categories of unfulfilled needs, past frozen chronic and past chronic.

However it is expressed, whatever is expressed, what is so about "Control by Manipulation" is that it's ugly and it is cruel. It's painful for and to others. If and when one is "emotionally" atuned to it's sound, it's feel, it's dissonance; one can respond by contradicting it immediately. When ever one contradicts it; it definitely needs to be contradicted, revealed, and the controller must learn that others are aware of it and alert to it! Others are aware of it and not buying into it.

Please check out my website, and purchase lots of books, "I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love", and "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power". They make for great holiday gifts! Please check out my other website,

Joel V. BA., Education, BBA., Business Admin., M.A. Masters of Art Psycholgoy Human Behavior.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Freedom from Frustration!

Freedom from Frustration!

Just think the depth, degree, and multi-dimensions of your accumulated, accumulated, frustrations over the years. Perhaps, you don't want to think about the profound accumulated frustrations that have been suppressed over the years?

The wide world is a very, very, demanding environment! It human to experience frustrations.

Well, you might have your ways to "get it out"! Perhaps, you claim that you ignore it or it really doesn't bother you. Do you exercise or have some special practice that facilitates the release of your frustrations? Just perhaps, you block yourself from realizing your frustrations. Could it be that you are in denial?

I have profound frustrations but I just do not allow or permit my frustrations to accumulate within. There are times when my frustrations take charge. If and when they do or if and when I know it's time to connect with them and release them, then I respond to my need!

The use of "Animated Laughter with Feelings" is truely a God sent! I use the circular breath to access, connect with, go into, go deep, release, relinquish, let go and transmit my feelings of frustration out of my body again, and again, and again with "animated laughter". Please check out my video on It's a great methodology. The result of my letting go (if need be on a daily basis) is that I experience freedom. It's wonderful!

I actually look different! I look different because I open up, open up emotionally. When a person experiences too, too much frustration one shuts down emotionally. When a person lets go of their frustrations one opens up emotionally.

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Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Masters of Arts, Psychology of Human Behavior.

The "Whole Being"

The "Whole Being"

What is a "Whole Being". In my book, "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power"; I describe the "Whole Being" pyramid composed of the mental, emotional, physical, social, creative, intuitive, heart, soul, spiritual, and spirit. The key component or the opening of the door to nine of the components is to acquire "emotional" methods that are effective/efficient practiced with discipline. It's best to have methods that resonate with yourself.

The "emotional" door way is the key to the kingdom of heaven. It is here where humankind is most challenged. The impact of physical/emotional hurt and trauma impacts the other components. The impact prevents an integrative self. Once we have acquired effective/efficient methods that we practice with discipline; the result is a letting go, a release, a relinquishment, and transmitting dissonate emotional energy out of our bodies. The result is an integration, a oneness, a "Whole Being".

The solution is always in all ways the same. It's acquiring the will, being willing (the intention), and the willingness (the commitment) to persist. If and when we patiently persist then our spiritual wholeness is the result/outcome. It's assured.

It's just not enough to use transcendent practices like prayer, hypnosis, and silent meditation. Transformational methods are necessary to facilitate the integration of the self; connected breath, primal, kundalini yoga, the manifestations of emotional release (yawn, animated laughter, sobbing, are but some examples).

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Joel V. BA. Education., BBA Business Admin., M.A. Master of Arts, Psychology of Human behavior