Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deep Seated, Imprinted, Embedded, Hard Wired, Compulsive, Neediness Reflective of Fetishes!

Deep Seated,Imprinted, Embedded,Hard Wired,Compulsive,Neediness Reflective of Fetishes!

Fetishes have been associated with an emotional disorder. It's my contention that there is a direct relationship of deep seated, Imprinted, Embedded, Hard Wired Neediness Reflective of Fetishes!

If and when one processes the inner pain reflective of emotional neediness (unfulfilled frozen need) the sexual attraction for an object begins to dissipate.

Often, one is totally unaware of the emotional connection between deep seated unaware neediness and an object. However, the result of processing pain reflective of deep seated emotional unfulfilled needs reflective of neediness will in fact dissipate the unaware attraction one has to an object.

The use of connected healing breath to address, access the deep seated feelings reflective of emotions and then to sigh, surrender, release, relinquish, discharge, and let go of the painful feelings reflective of the emotional unfulfilled needs produces definitive healing of the attraction that one has to an object.

Neediness is a chronic disease and it has many descriptive manifestations. The fetish is definitively one of them.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Addressing Panic Disorder

Addressing Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder is a knee jerk reaction. The use of breathwork facilitates moving beyond the knee jerk reaction reflective of the instantanious panic reaction. The knee jerk reaction reflective of the panic attack has instantaneous emotional depth, dimension, and degree. The "feelings reflective of the emotions" must be accessed. They can be accessed by the circular connected healing breath and then the release, discharge, relinquishment, and the letting go of feelings reflective of emotions must occur.

What's scary is the knee jerk panic reaction. We can free ourselves from the bondage of the knee jerk panic reaction by breathing into and beyond the "panic reaction". The practice, persistence, and learning the self-discipline of connecting with the feelings by way of the circular connected healing breath and their release will expedite and resolve panic reaction.

The discharge process facilitates our healing of the knee jerk panic attacks. Gradually, gradually, gradually will free ourselves from the instantanious reactions. The result is more self-confidence and freedom from this self-destructive pattern.

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Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Masters of Psychology Human Behavior.