Monday, September 29, 2014

                                         THE IDES OF MARCH

It is the month of March and the cancerous pain has begun to take charge.  I can feel it growing within the prostate.  It is enjoying the growth within me.  I can actually feel its joy at its presence.  However, I am not joyful.  It is truly a horrible feeling sensing an alien cell growth within my body.  It seems to be feeding on healthy cells and nourishing itself on their well-being. 

I turn to alternatives, hemp oil, cannabis, wormwood, high concentrations of turmeric, blueberries, baking soda, green smoothies with bananas, kale, spinach, pears, flaxseed, apple, apple seeds B17, more blueberries, blackberries, peaches, figs,  peer counseling, prays, primal sound, animated laughter with feelings.  It all helps but I realize not enough.  The emotional methods like "Animated Laughter with Feelings", Peer Counseling, Primal Sound,  spearhead by connection with the sensations within my body.  I am so glad I wrote my three books.  What a treasure. I am in touch with the physical sensation of the cancer growing within. 

Doctor Oncologist phones and suggests an implant, a global positioning marker to be placed by the prostate facilitating yet greater accuracy and narrowing of the high intensity white proton beam when I begin treatment.  I agree to the marker.  However, I need to extend my wait by two weeks.  The pain is increasing and I become anxious as to receiving my first treatments. 

I become nauseated by eggs, red meat, fried items, coffee, oranges, grapefruit, anything acidic or white. I decide to refrain from all the above. My diet becomes sardines, salmon, tofu, chicken, turkey, and steamed beets, carrots, kale or spinach.

The pain continues to increase and I just persevere and wait for my initiate visit to the Proton Caner Therapy Center.   I wait for the phone call regarding my initial visit.  More later.

Joel V.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


There are many blessings in the world.  February 4th 2014, I was phoned by my urologist who notified me that I presently had aggressive early stage prostate cancer.  

December 2013, I had taken an annual exam and was absolutely sure that I was cancer free.  There were no uncommon symptoms. However, the urologist had become excited immediately after the exam.  The urologist felt a bump. He excitedly advised a biopsy.  I decided upon a second opinion and the second urologist recommended a biopsy as well.  At that point, my denial ended.

Fortunately, I have my methods in my three books to support the processing of my feelings reflective of my emotions.  Truly, I am blessed.  My methods facilitated my reflection, responses, reactions, and most of all facilitated my proactive research and above all my actions.

The urologist referred me to one Doctor who did intensive radiation known as IMRT and yet another Doctor who did removal of prostates.  I decided against both options.

My research concluded that "Proton" therapy would be my best option.  There is fifteen proton therapy centers in the USA at present.  In the city where I reside unknown to me, a center was being constructed for the past three years and it was nearing completion.  The initial urologist (though he was from the same medical group) did not inform me of the new Proton Center.

The blessing was the Proton Therapy Center opened on February 12th and my first appointment with the oncologist was on February 11th. Otherwise, I would have had to travel a hundred miles to the next closest center.

This is a series of blogs regarding my experience with aggressive early intermediate stage prostate cancer and my subsequent actions to resolve the issue.  More later.

Joel V.