Monday, September 12, 2011

The Applification of Ignorance

The Applification of Ignorance

Humans who make assumptions, react with conclusions (prior to doing research and acquiring information educating themselves), are quick to make judgments, who lack critical thinking skills, invalidate, and form conclusions reflect applifications of Ignorance. Linear thinkers tend to applify ignornance. When individuals encounter a disease and begin to do research, educate themselves; it is then awareness and self-realizations occur. When individuals have the will, the willing intention, and the willingness, commitment to turn their dissonant feelings over to their higher power and surrender them then flexible intelligence takes charge.

Humankind that hold rigid values and beliefs that restrict their flexible intelligence facilitate self-destructive assumptions, reactions, responses, judgments, invalidations, inaccurate conclusions applify ignornance.

When I was a kid the ozone layer protected humankind from the danger of the rays from the sun. Now, with the depletion of the ozone layer there exists a major negative that impact humankind ie., the warming of planet earth, dramatic changes in weather patterns, and increased disease/discomfort. There are other examples as well.

The educated medical community have achieved great scientific progress. However, there ability to use spirituality, the manifestations of emotional release, connected healing breath methodologies have yet to have major impact on the healing powers from disease. Though the power of complementry alternative and integrative medicine has been initiated. Yet, I argue that we are just at the very beginning of its initiation. There are many examples, acupuncture, healing touch, reiki, yoga, and shiatsu (acupressure).

The psychological community who have touched the tip of the iceberg with their understanding and begining understanding of somatization or how the body harbors anxiety, and depression. The physiological release of emotion from the body have yet to be realized in the form of the manifestations of emotional release. The fear of surrender, release, relinquishment, discharge and the letting go of emotions still dramatically persists. Humankind just do not have the time to "be there" for another human being while they discharge their emotions and just let go again, and again, again, and again. It's just too uncomforable. This is yet a practice that is rare and socially unacceptable. Denial cannot be denied! There is still much denial. The reason is usually fear. Dramatic fear reflective of the range of emotion from fear through terror still persists to just "be there" for another human being while they discharge their feelings reflective of their emotions. For example, when was the last time when "you" were there for someone and allowed them for an extended time to have a good cry in your presence?

It's incumbent on the individuals initiative to actively and assertively learn a variety of healing methods to compliment medical advances. I receive many comments asking me to applify my posts. Well, I encourage you buy my books and begin to practice the methods that I describe and write about in them. The methods I have practiced that I have written about have saved my life and reduced my emotional and physical pain dramatically.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11, Exerpt from "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power".

9/11, Excerpt from "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power"

Today is 9/11, ten years after. I sat in a CODA (co-dependence meeting) and shared my grief at the occurrence of the destruction of innocent lives . The tears rolled down my eyes. Here is an excerpt from my book "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power" as it reflects my visit to the site shortly after its destruction. I'm a New Yorker. I grew up on it's streets, its "projects", the red brick buildings. I went to its public schools and colleges. I walked the streets of Manhattan many times from the Village, Sutton Place, East Harlem, 34th street, Rockefeller Plaza, Olmstead's Central Park, the Upper West and East Sides, The Garment District, Park Avenue, Grand Central Station, Pennsylvania Avenue, Little Italy, Washington Square Park, Gramacy Park, Baruch College, Columbia University, Macy's, Soho, China Town, Germantown, Hell's Kitchen, the Lower East Side, Houston Street, 14th street, Chelsea, Herald Square, The Toy District, Stuyvesant Town, Cooper Union, New York University, Central Park West, Broadway, Frances Tavern, The Closters, Restaurant Row, The Theater, Shopping, The Museums, The Jewelry District, 666 Ffifth Ave, Wall Street, and of course the World Trade Center. These are but some of the places that are etched in my memory. It's also the experiences that I shared with others.

The Exerpt of Two Paragraphs

I approached ground zero after having lunch with Don Schmall and felt an immediate sense of grief at the magnitude of the tragedy that transpired at the site. I thought of those family members who were still in sheer grief of those who have lost their lives of their loved ones. I knew the key was for people to access their grief with listening support and negotiate their feelings. Again, this is a gradual process. The emotional impact of the bringing down of the Twin Towers at World Trade Center will be long lasting. The many lives that have been lost, the realization of vulnerability of the United States is yet to be realized. There are those individuals who have yet to realize their own impermanence and vulnerability in life. The shock is so great that denial permeates one's reality, awareness, and consciousness.

Humankind seemed frozen in an uncanny state of silence. I stood in but a small group of on-lookers. The shock of disbelief just seemed to permeate the moment. The rain was coming down upon the narrow street that bordered the former WTC site. Broadway was near and vehicles lumbered along the streets on either side. The crowd was small, but the silence was overwhelming. The smell of jet fuel and its stench in the surrounding air was evident. We seemed to share and feel a range of emotions which naturally rise within us. Anger of great depth, degree,and dimension was present. The density and intensity of the feelings of those surrounding me was unknown to me, but I certainly sensed strong emotions and the emotional vibrations from a shared sense of disbelief of others who stood shoulder to shoulder with me. Sadness and grief with its overwhelming sensation was incomprehensible to the intellect. I could sense these emotions as they penetrated through the crowd. It seemed we were spiritually one with these feelings, feelings, feelings. There was no stopping them. They came naturally. The feelings were overwhelming, numbing, and paralyzing. We seemed paralyzed in time and space in the moment. There was a knowing of the horror that took place here. Here! Nearby!

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Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Masters of Psychology, Human Behavior.