Saturday, April 30, 2011

Artificial Intelligence - A Blessing or A Nightmare?

Artificial Intelligence - A Blessing or A Nightmare?

It depends on your point of view. My point of view is that it has become more of a nightmare. I receive comments on my other and I cannot tell whether or not they are authentic or are comments that reflect artifical intelligence. If the comments are spam, the comments are artificial intelligence. However, it gets real confusing when the comments are not spam but are directed at my posts in the category of general commentories. It becomes very difficult to discern whether or not the comments come from a real human being or are artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence reflects programs that are so like real human beings that it has become virtually impossible to reply to comments? It's truly quite confusing. I seldom receive replies from those comments who I submit replies too. In fact, I have never received replies from any of the comments that I have replied too?

In summary, I've decided not to submit replies to any comments.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Red Roses

Red Roses

He mailed Red Roses to his eighty-nine year old Mother. The Roses were placed on the table in the middle of her living space. She lived in the eastern United States on the twentieth floor with a view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Those who entered her apartment could not help but to focus their attention at the ocean by way of the closest window. If they were to focus on the interior of the living space it would only bring great distress to the visitor.

She grew up in the 1930's in the Great Depression. She was traumatized by her economic scarcity during this perid of time. Her beliefs and life style reflected the era. Her clothes, hair style, interior furniture, curtains, kitchen stove, bathroom all reflected a great depression. The roaches ran freely everywhere enjoying the freedom of movement. The maintenance employees just couldn't eradicate the creepy crawly creatures.

Her age, her charitable heart made her vulnerable to charities and to con-men. She was taken advantage of by many who fraudulent took monies from her. It was estimated that $5000.00 was taken from her. Her son visited one weekend and became very upset by his mothers circumstances and situation. He demanded that she change her phone number and that he take charge of paying her bills. He demanded that she sign a power of attorney. She concurred on all accounts. Regardless, the sadness that her circumstances brought him resulted in a reaction of anger.

Fortunately, her son was able to access, connect with, surrender, and release his grief at his Mother's circumstances and situation. Her son was able to take charge and help his Mom. The Red Roses in the simple vase provided hope and inspiration for change.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Solution or Resolution of Deeply Rooted Co-Dependency

The Solution or Resoulution of Deeply Rooted Co-Dependency.

The answer is it's a gradual process. The processing must be effective, efficient, and disciplined. The self-talk, the use of the journal to write your voluntary history usually is most certainly not enough.

If the trauma is chronic then the use of alternative methods for effective, efficient, and disciplined processing of the deeply rootled, imprinted, ingrained, hard wired distress is just not enough.

If and when one just thinks rationally about chronic traumatic emotional, physical, or distress reflective of unfulfilled chonic needs;then any rational human being cannot help but to be skeptical of the so-called accepted "norms". It's incomprehensiveable to me that anyone can honestly say that both self-talk, prayers, and the use of a journal is enough to resolve deeply rooted, hard wired, ingrained, imprinted chronic traumatic distress. If it does then I wouldn't bet on it.

I've used a myriad of accepted cultural methods and alternative methods to relieve the effects of my anxiety. Together they're working for me. It's a gradual process. I've needed both accepted culturally and alternative methods to even begin to resolve my co-dependency.

Why this is so? It's the self-deception of "denial". If and when a human being begins to effectively, efficiently, with discipline to address the deeply rooted feelings reflective of the range of emotions anger through rage, fear through terror, and sadness through grief, "denial" will be encountered by the indiviudual. It's here where persistence, peseverance, and patience plays a strategic roll. However, it's the spiritual power that one connects with during the processing of the feelings reflective of the emotions that plays the, the most important roll.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Memory and Emotion

Memory and Emotion

When we clear ourselves emotionally from stress,and distress our memory begins to improve! When our hurts and truamas (emotional, physical, and unfulfilled needs)begin to dissipate then our ability to remember becomes sharper and clearer. In fact, our memory becomes so clear; it can be said that our memory becomes crystal clear!

The use of "crystals" to facilitate clearing of ourselves from stress, and distress reflective of hurts and traumas can also be understand in its relationship to memory and well-being.

When we bring enough, enough oxygen into the cells of the body we also facilitate or reinvigorate our memories. The depth, the degree, and the dimension of oxygenating our cells of our body reinvigorates our ability to remember items quickly as well.

Learning to oxygenate our cells within our body reinvigorates the depth, the degree, and the dimension of our memories as well. The depth, the degree, and the dimension of our memories become clearer and have nuances of detail. The detail in detail of the memories reinvigorates our senses and positively impacts our memories. The clearing of our feelings reflective of our emotions reinvigorate the senses that impacts our remembering detail in detail of our memories.

It also triggers memories from past lives. The oxygen has the effect of facilitating time travel to past lives. The soul records each life we have lived and our infusing enough oxygen into the cells of our bodies facilitates memories from past lives. In essence, we experience time travel.

The memories of records reflective of our soul stores those memories. If and when we return to a place, a situation, a curcumstance it is then our senses become triggered, and our feelings reflective of our emotions remembers. In essence, somehow we know that we've been there before. I've personally experienced this in Barcelona, Spain, in Paris, France in Southern Sweden, in the State of Israel and in San Diego, California.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Underlining Horror and the Result that is Anxiety

The Underlining Horroor and the Result that is Anxiety

The resolution of of post traumatic stress disorder.

There is a horror that is triggered with Anxiety Disorder. Underlining the anxiety is always depth and layer or layers of from fear through terror. When one removes the feelings from fear through terror by way of a variey of methods one experiences a reduction in the anxiety. It's experiencing and processing the layers of feelings from fear through terror where the deep healing occurs.

The fog of fear terror must first be addressed. It can be addressd by way of the manifestations of emotional release. It's in the use of healing breath methods that the fog of fear through terror can be resolved. The circular breath process of connection, surrender, and release removes feelings from fear through terror underlying the constant anxiety. It's then that one can address the layers of ingrained, imprinted, hard wired, compulsive pattern of the anxiety resulting in post distress disorder.

The underlining pattern of anxiety has its depth, degree, and dimensions of fear through terror. It's here that the primal sound can be quite useful. The primal sound facilitates access to the profound feelings of fear through terror. It's here where healing truly begins. The resolution of the feelings from fear through terror layer by layer comprised of the emotional trauma (peeling the onion skins) results in authentic healing.

In summary the use of connected healing breath is instrumental in resolving feelings reflective of the range of emotion from fear through terror. It's then the primal sound that facilitates access to the layers of imprinted, ingrained, hard wired compulsive layers of these feelings that are the anchoring and foundation of the anxiety.

Ongoing anxiety disorder is common. The resolution of anxiety disorder requires patience processing in depth of the feelings reflective of the issue of PTSD.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Assumptions, Hypothetical Cases, Conclusions, Control

Assumptions, Hypothetical Cases, Conclusions, Control

The four components of co-dependence are patterns of control of others, compliance to others (a pattern of fixing, pleasing others as it reflects situations/circumstances, the big component of being a being in denial of ones' patterns and low self-esteem.

Sometimes our patterns or insecurities cause us to make judgments which result in our needs reflective of neediness to control situations, people, or cirucumstances. Sometimes we strive for understanding in order to control a set of circumstances or a situation. We can then make assumptions, create hypothetical cases, formulate conclusions in order to control people, circumstances, or situations. In reality we are creating hypothetical cases that reinforce our need to reflect of our neediness to experience security; usually emotional security.

It's important for us to become aware of and alert to making erroneous judgments and creating hypothetical cases because of a need or neediness to arrive at a solution or resolution of a situation because of our need to control.

There are times when we are not alert to or aware of our responses and reactions that cause us to make assumptions, judgments, create hypothetical cases, and arrive at conclusions. The reason could be our fears that result in our patterns. Often, we've been hurt or traumatized early on in our childhoods.

If we are willing to do inner child work regardless of the chosen process; we can recognize, begin to become aware of and awaken to consciousness our reasons for our behaviors. It's incumbent upon us to do the personal growth work and process our feelings reflective of our emotions and effectively, efficiently, with discipline again, and again, and again to address our patterns of co-dependencies.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011



The sensations of taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch allow us to experience instantaneous impulses of feelings reflective of emotions. The five sensations are the gates to our feelngs reflective of our emotions.

Feelings are very different from sensations. There are pleasant and unpleasant sensations. For example, one can experience feelings of love and a sensation of a loving touch. The sensation of a loving touch can trigger feelings of love for the person who reached out for or to the other.

The sensation from a loving, nurturing, warm touch usually is desirable. Of course, it can be undesirable if and when the nurturing touch triggers feelings reflective of the dark emotions, anger, fear, sad. These emotions can reflect issues; trust issues abandonment, betrayal, and separation.

Here is another example of the difference between sensation and feelings. The feelings of love can be communicated verbally or through touch. The "feelings" reflective of love just seem to go deeper than a sensation. An analogy is the pebble or stone thrown in the lake. The pebble or stone as it enters the lake is the sensation and the the circular waves of water are the feelings that reflect the sensation of the pebble or stone entering the lake.
One feels nurtured, embraced warmly by a hug, the eye contact and body language of the individual expressing love is "felt" by the receiver maybe in a secure, and safe way. The sensation of the hug results of waves of feelings through the body.

One can also experience feelings of fear, a range of emotion from fear through terror, and a sensation of intimidation. Here again, the intimidation can be described as the stone and the result are feelings of fear that radiate through the body.

It can work in the opposite way. A sense of intimidation can trigger feelings of fear and the range of emotion from fear through terror as well
The sensations reflectve of emotions can be essential keys to opening ourselves to serenity!

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