Monday, January 31, 2011

Stop It!

Stop It!

Are you aware and alert to that which triggers or signals your knee jerk stress or distress reactions/responses that causes irrational behaviors? Are you aware and alert to how the recreation of past hurts/traumas into present time hook into your partners recreation of their past hurts/traumas into present time reactions and responses to yours? If and when you use either immediate self-talk such as "stop it", or some other immediate method to interrupt or intervene in the resulting irrational behavior then it's long overdo to take charge. It's important to contradict the pattern or pull of distress. The choice of method depends upon the power of the trigger and the distress which has been triggered.

There are many examples such as separation, abandonment, betrayal, birth trauma, molestation, emotional abuse, and genetically perpetuated inherited distresses.

If and when you are overwhelmed by the circumstances or situations which causes a powerful trigger of distress then fear, anger, or sad can very well take charge. Bi-polar, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, schizophrenic delusionary reactions call for more empowered methods than "self-talk".

Self-talk may help in the present moment but then a more powerful method like reiki, primal, connected healing breath may be necessary to discharge, relinquish, surrender, release, and let go of the emotions reflective of the restimulated distress or even distresses which can very well be in the range of from fear through terror, anger through rage, or sadness through grief. These issues often grip the human being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Of course there are many more go to methods that one can use as well. Often prayer is a very common and effective method that results in faith.

Please check out my books on the side panels and purchase a bunch of them. I'm available for counseling to help others put a stop to harmful triggers that cause the recreation of irrational dysfunctional behaviors.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Masters Human Behavior, Psychology

Friday, January 28, 2011

What is Emotional Freedom?

What is Emotional Freedom?

The term Emotional Freedom is becoming a go to term, a fad. They are exciting, dynamic words. It's great that the words emotional freedom have become a great way to promote sales of books. However, when you begin to feel the feelings, and go into the layers of feelings reflective of hurts, and trauma it's then that the reality of the pain becomes a tenacious entity to be reckoned with.

Patterns of pain are ingrained, hard wired, inprinted, compulsive, tenacious, and frustrating. It requires a mental, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.

It's the reason Animated Laughter with Feelings is a great modality to begin the process of addressing effectively, efficiently, and with discipline the emotional energy. We can in real terms learn to lighten up when feeling the emotions and cleanse ourselves naturally.

Please take a moment and read "Forward to I Dare to Heal with Laughter". I'm hoping that I can sell enough of my books to publish the text. With your help of purchases; I'll be able to do so.

Please take but a moment to click on the side panel and read about both books.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking Charge - Contradicting - Schizophrenia

Taking Charge - Contradicting - Schizophrenia

I have an empathetic, empowering approach if and when I counsel others. I use peer counseling, manifestations of emotional release (yawn, animated laughter with feelings, with fear, hot/cold sweats, chattering, shaking, encourage anger release (not acting out), animated verbalization of the hurt/traumatizing experiences), scratching (it's under my skin and I just need to get it out) primal sound, twelve step co-dependence principles, and mirror work.

Presently, I have no schizophrenic clients. I find with those schizophrenics who have connections with reality; it's empowering to build their empowerment from the reality that they are "connected" too!

Schizophrenia is a powerful distress from reality. The "pull" of the distress is powerful. There is but one best contradiction to the pull of the schizophrenic distress ie., the primal power, its sound can fundamentally empower an individual to take charge. I recommend daily practice. Daily practice of primal sound especially for the client suffering from schizophrenia is mandatory.

The power of the schizophrenic distress reflects deeply seated co-dependent
traits. The distress is hard wired, compulsive, ingrained, inprinted, genetically coded and above all quite stubborn. The client must, must practice primal on a consistent, effective, efficient, and in a disciplined way. It's a war and many, many battles require wins.
There is hope. Nature supports the emergence of human beings from all distress.

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Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin. M.A. Psychology of Human
Behavior from an accredited university.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Delusions Reflective of Schizophrenia

Delusions Reflective of Schizophrenia

Ms. "G" and I had a cup of coffee. I invited her to a cup of coffee. She claimed that her Mom and family had a history of schizophrenia. She even shared a story with me about her own delusionary state. Yet, I made the decision to get to know her. After all, I've got nothing to be freightened of?

It's 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning and I'm listening to a reknown Psychiatrist speak about empowering those who suffer from schizophrenia. My phone rings and Ms. "G" leaves a message which I chose not to listen to at the time. The next morning I press the listen bottom and Ms. "G" is having a delusion about how I, a neighbor, and "Enrique" have sexually harassed her in the bathtub? Her delusion frightened me or restimulated my old terror from my childhood. At the same time, I felt compassion and empathy for Ms. "G".

I released my own fears and terror and decided to take my distance from Ms. "G". However, when I got home the next evening there was yet another message from Ms. "G". It was an apology! I discharged my terror reflective of her delusions and my fears of my being harrassed by the police because of her disconnect from reality.

My emotional discharge proved to be beneficial. I experienced greater emotional strength, more of a connection to my higher power and just felt better. For me, it was an accomplishment.

Please purhcase my two books, invite me to make a presentation, pay me well, and phone me about my counseling you on your co-dependence issues.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA, Business Admin, M.A. Human Behavior Psychology

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Co-Dependence, The Stepping Stone to Other Mental Health Issues

Co-Dependence, The Stepping Stone to Other Mental Health Issues.

Co-dependence is the stepping stone to bi-polar, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and even schizophrenia. The more I've become acquainted with the power of primal sound therapy and the manifestations of emotional release the more I've realized how the symptoms of bi-polar, anxiety disorder, panic attack and even schizophrenia can be resolved with effective, efficient, and disciplined daily practice of the above methods.

I'm an expert with the processing of feelings and emotions. The above mental health issues all involve suppressed and accumulated profound feelings reflective of emotions. As I've used the above methods to process my feelings and as I've become acquainted with the above mental health issues; it has become clearier how the processing of feelings reflective of emotions can thoroughly resolve the above mentioned mental disorders.

It's most definitely a revolutionary discovery and a extremely hopeful one. Just think, the resolutions of bi-polar, anxiety disorders, even schizophrenia! In addition, the complete resolutions of depression of any kind. There resolution is more than possible, and in fact probable. There resolution is absolute. I can honestly say this because of years and years of daily practice. As I've processed feelings reflective of emotions over the years, I've freed myself of devastating terrifying distress. I've achieved this on a daily basis!

No, I've never suffered from schizophrenia but have suffered from the other mental health issues. I no longer suffer from them and I've come clear to a point where I can say, I feel precious and free and wish the same with and to others.

Please read about the methods in my two books on the side panel, "I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love", and "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power". I'm an expert couselor so please phone me and reserve counseling time with me if you suffer from co-dependency issues. I'm available for presentations for fees and expenses.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin. M.A. Psychology of Human Behavior.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nerves of "Stainless" Steel

Nerves of "Stainless" Steel

The use of affirmations along with dynamically releasing, relinquishing, letting go of, and discharging distress and stress causes profound integration of mind, body, and spirit.

When a person is unnerved by pressures experienced in daily life, work, family, friends, other relationships, situations, and circumstances; using an affirmation like "my nerves are made of stainless steel, meaning deeply reaches", and discharges the emotional static by using both primal sound and the manifestations of emotional release; it will result in profound integration of the self.

Astonishingly, it brings about a spiritual, and practical synchronization of events that facilitates emotional well being!

It results in an individual performing at their personal best. They become stronger, more resilient, more persevering, more dynamic, more energized, more alert, more aware, more human,and more flexible in their thinking. The ability to multi-task is amplified as well as their ability to relax and improve sleep are enhanced as well.

Please purchase my two books located on the side panel, "I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love", and "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power". I write about methods that can be learned to bring about the result that I write about above. I'm available for presentations for fees and expenses as well as counseling those who have a will, are willing, and have a willingness to contradict their co-dependency issues of control, compliance, denial, and low self-esteem issues. Please check out my website for my contact information.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Psychology of Human Behavior.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Letting Go, Discharging, Relinquishing, Releasing, Letting "It" Out!

Letting Go, Discharging, Relinquishing, Releasing, Letting "It" Out!

We all need to learn to let go of accumulated stress and distress. If and when we are impacted my emotional or physical hurt or trauma then it can take time, sometimes lots of time for us to let it go.

It all depends upon our vulnerability to certain hurts and traumas. We all have our vulnerabilities for a variety of reasons. It can come from birth trauma, from lack of nurturing in the formative years, sudden terrifying experiences that cause trauma or hurt.

I've heard people say that we just must move on........... Well, when we repress and event, we suppress the feelings; (sometimes, many times layers of feelings in our emotional bodies) and in doing so it leaves us vulnerable to disease and amplified/restimulated emotional hurt and trauma.

It's best to have "go to methods", practices that can aliviate as quickly as possible our triggered hurts and traumas. When we let the feelings go our clear thinking returns and subsequently we become energized to take action, rationally, to bring to an end a distressful or stressful experience. Please find in my blogs a Letter to Petra. A Letter to Petra describes the three main categories of go to practices and methods.

My books describe a myriad of ways that we can achieve relief from present and past hurt. Please purchase many of them at Barnes and Noble, or on my website through paypal.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Psychology of Human Behavior.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

If and When "You" are Overwhelmed!

If and When "You" are Overwhelmed!

If and when you are overwhelmed by an individual or individuals who by word, or words, and/or their body language "overwhelms" you; then know that whether you are conscious or not "disempowerment" of yourself just may result!

We are often unaware of the internalized result of our being, being "disempowered" by the perpetrator. The person may be a family member, an employer, a friend, anyone who "comes on" in a strong way at you, through you, with you, about you, or in connection to you in a direct or manipulative way.

Whether or not we are alert to or aware of it "that person" is a "controller". Yes, it's deceptive "their control". It can be someone who is harboring jealousy or anger, or supressed unaware resentment. It could be someone who is in power in a hierarchy?

If and when you feel voiceless, have difficulty responding, feel emotionally diffused, defenseless, disarmed,then most certainly you are experiencing "disempowerment"!

One may even be hard upon and within oneself. One may dislike oneself. However, it's those times when one must be alert to possible knee jerk reactions of self-dislike and embrace, ingrain, inprint, hard wire self-like, self-compassion, and self-kindness, and above all self-love!

Again, the desempowerment process is deceptive. Often, one experiences a knee jerk internalized reaction of "disconnect from feeling the emotional hurt or the trauma. The disempowerment may be deading to the emotional body!

It's time to first and foremost to become alert to, aware of your "owning" and "owning", as well as "acknowledging to yourself" your own experience of disempowerment. "Denial" is common but unacceptable!

There are many methods that can and will help you if and when you have the will, the willing, and the willingness to support, receive support from yourself and others. Using the mirror and affirmations is one of them. Seeking counseling with me is yet another! I recommend both!

Please purchase lots of my books, "I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love, and "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power" and seek counseling with me. I use an empathetic approach involving twelve step, peer counseling, mirror work, and empowerment practice. My contact information is on my website and is contained in the books as well. I do both individual and partner counseling. There will be lots of consciousness raising and intervention that takes place with my clients. I look forward in hearing from you. I'm non-licensed and my clients are required to sign a non-liability form; holding me non-liable for your results. The results of my couseling others has been extremely positive. Please contact me at 619-584-8093 or 619-203-5384 for my reasonable rates. I'm located in San Diego, California.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin. M.A. Psychology of Human Behavior Accredited.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making the Connections

Making the Connections

When I'm hurt by others; it may be an opportunity for me to experience more self-discovery. It may be an opportunity for me to become emotionally stronger. It may be an opportunity for me to breath deep into the depths of my emotional body and "experience" and release the emotional pain. I usually use primal sound to achieve profound personal growth reflective of a present time hurt. I find that I make cognitve connections in practicing primal sound after my being, being hurt.

Recently, someone "screamed" at me and I used this experience to process the terror I experienced. I cleared the emotion, "the terror" by using primal sound and made some remarkable connections.

I also was able to see my way clear of emotionally hurt to respond by reacting by writing a letter to the "screamer" and explaining/clearifying the circumstances and situation of my actions.

I'm powerless over others behavior. I cannot control others. Therefore, it's reason for me to only, only think well of myself. I have often felt hurt, poorly of myself, guilty that it was "my fault" that they are behaving by screaming at me. My realization is "I have absolutely no control over how others react or respond. If and when they respond/react by screaming at me; it most certainly doesn't mean I'm at fault! It's others choice to choose to begin screaming. Perhaps, others are frightened and that is why they have choosen to react/respond by screaming? For whatever the reason for their behavior; I ought to think well of myself because I do not have control over their behavior. I'm powerless over their behavior. It's their choice to behave as "they" do!

We're born naturally believing that we are all powerful in our worlds. When others behavior inpacts us with hurt or trauma; we become confused and there is a need for us to emotionally clear the feelings reflective of our hurt and traumatized emotions. We learn that our power has limitations! It's a very, very, rude awakening into reality.

Please purchase lots of my books on the side panel. I'm available for counseling in San Diego and presentations. I'm an expert with co-dependence issues.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin. M.A. Masters of Human Behavior Psychology.

Monday, January 10, 2011



Does the emotional stress and distress ever evolve to a point where it's "pressing" against you in the walls of your skull? Does the tension ever feel unbearable. Did you ever think "I cannot take it anymore and something "inside of me" has just got to give"! The tension is "pressing" and I just got to let go, let it out, release it, relinquish it, discharge it and free myself from and of it! Well, we've all been there.

Yes, it feels good to exercise; jog, aerobics, dance, but do we in real terms get it out? In a "Letter to Petra"; I describe a variety of ways how one can process the stress and distress. We all have our vulnerabilities and accumulate feelings of distress and stress within.

I like "animated laughter with feelings" and primal sound for "really" getting my tension out. It works extremely well for me. The "pressing" becomes a depressing experience and not a depression experience. The difference is huge.

I've learned the manifestations of emotional release and I'm very thankful that I have mastered the manifestations. The yawn, animated laughter, tearing, sobbing, shaking, hot, cold sweats to name but a few. They have saved my live. Now, it's your turn. What works for you? Now, what really can work better for you?

Please check out and purhcase my books on the side panel. The books offer many suggestions for letting go. I'm available for counseling on co-dependency issues in San Diego and also available for presentations.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin. M.A. Psychology of Human Behavior Masters.

Friday, January 7, 2011

"I'm Only In Faith Because of My Connection to My Higher Power"

"I'm Only In Faith Because of My Connection to My Higher Power"

My client purchased a Medical Plan from me in the month of November. It was scheduled to go into effect on January 1st 2011. I faxed it to the company on a date certain in November without a confirmation from the machine. It was my mistake of not obtaining the machine confirmation. I've never had an issue with the company receiving any of my faxes. I attempted to confirm by phone on January 6th and to my great surprise the company claimed that it had not received the fax. I phoned several times and the company confirmed that it had not received the fax and I didn't have the November fax confirmation that I had sent it. The company claimed that they couldn't give my client an effective date for the plan without the fax confirmation. I would have to wait until the subsequent week before the Federal Agency would make a decision as to whether or not my client would receive an effective date. regardless, the effective date, if given would be in February.

I needed to make a decision whether to wait until the subsequent week or telephone the client and notify him. I decided to have faith in my higher power, think well of myself and make the phone call to my client. My client returned my phone call and stated that it wasn't an issue for him because I had mailed him a letter stating not to cancel his present plan in the month of January until he received confirmation that his new plan had gone into effect. I couldn't believe it! I in fact mailed that letter to him in November just as an instinctive, impulsive action never dreaming that his application would be lost. I never, but never send a letter to any of my clients instructing them to maintain insurance coverage until they receive confirmation from the new plan. My connection with my higher power together with my past experience is the only explanation I could possible give for maintaining trust and confidence with my client.

Please purchase my books on the side panel. You'll learn by practicing the methods in my books how to embrace the connection with a higher power each and every day. The higher power works in our lives to help us to help ourselves.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Masters of Human Behavior Psychology

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Empowering the Collective Consciousness

Empowering the Collective Consciousness

The theme "I Dare to Heal" is in essence "We Dare to Heal"! The goal of the theme of this blog is to empower the collective consciousness by connecting with our higher power for the expansion of all components of the self; mental, emotional, physical, social, spirit, spiritual, heart, and soul centers.

The power and empowerment of the collective spiritual consciousness has produced great religions, Christianity, Islam, to name but a few. The greater collective spiritual consciousness facilitates a connection with but one higher power. The higher power has the potential to help us to help ourselves to heal our hurts, and traumas. If and when we allow and permit our higher power by way of a variety of methods to support us to process our feelings reflective of our emotions; we can facilitate our healing by way for example of the circular healing breath methods. It's our choice. My question is what is your choice?

Please check out and purchase many of my books on the side panel. The books suggest many methods to accomplish the natural healing of our collective hurts and traumas. I'm also available for counseling others on co-dependency issues in San Diego or by E-mail subscription.

Joel BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin. M.A. Masters of Human Behavior, Psychology.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Clearing Emotion

Clearing Emotion

Are you "very" emotional. Do you react/respond in an exaggerated emotional way. Is it your temperament; an aspect of your personality? Is it unfulfilled past or present needs that fuel your emotional reactions/responses? Does the above circumstances trigger impulsive/compulsive decision making on your part. Has it caused you to make unhealthy or healthy decisions? It's certainly difficult to descern whether or not ones decisions have been impacted by emotions. Have the emotions caused confusion for you.

I have found by clearing my emotions through a variety of methods, by processing my emotions; I've been able to "get clearer" in my "thinking" and therefore have been able to make more decisive decisions.

One aspect of co-dependency behavior is the inability to make decisions; to procrastinate or not make a decision at all. When you in fact do not make a decision in essence you have made the decision not to "not make a decision".

The resolution is that we can only do the best we can and that it's helpful to clear our emotion before deciding. It's appropriate to evaluate the information we have on and in hand; seek more information and then make the decision. What's your point of view?

Please check out my books on the side panel. They're available from Barnes & Noble or from pay pay on my website. There are many go to methods in the books that help people to clear emotions and facilitate decision making.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Masters of Human Behavior Psychology.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Patience in and to Setting Boundaries

Many who suffer from co-dependency impulsively have an "inability to see alternatives to situations,thus respond very impulsively" and set boundaries in their relationships. This is true in family relationships where a wife or husband "must" be with "their" family during the holidays. Where there is a disagreement between the partners as to filling or satisfying "needs" in family relationships impulsively setting boundaries by one or the other partner may not be wise. It's here where compromise is necessary from "both partners". Often, one of the partners "declare", "it has to be "my" way. One may alienate the other partner with a "my way" boundary. It's a relationship and therefore compromise is necessary "most of the time". Both partners deserve to "get" their needs met with compromise.

Please check out my books on the the side panel and purchase the books for your friends, acquaintances, spiritual houses of worship, and community organizations. The books describe many methods as to how to approch ingrained, hard wired, imprinted, compulsive unhealthy behavior patterns.

Joel BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin, M.A. Masters in Human Behavior Psychology

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is It Time to Get Recovery?

Is It Time to Get Recovery?

It's a new year and yes it's time to get recovery. There are many who daily are "in need" of recovering from co-dependency issues. The categories of controlling others, pleasing others, walking around in denial of resentments, fearful, sadnesses prevail. The experience of low self-esteem, hurting family members, fellow employees, friends exist. It's definitely time to make amends to yourself and to others. I encourage those to take action and join a co-dependency anonymous meeting and begin "again" on the road to more awareness of issues and learn to effectively, efficiently, with discipline to address issues.

Please check out my books on the side panel. I'm available for relationship counseling here in San Diego and available to make presentations about both the new medical care affordable act and anything that I've written on the blog or in my books.

Joel V. BA. Education, BBA. Business Admin. M.A. Masters of Human Behavior.