Friday, January 30, 2015


It is almost one year since I was diagnosed with cancer. As I healed in the months of April and May of 2014 the flower agapanthus began to bloom just in front of my home.  I considered its blooming a reflection of the healing I was undergoing.  

The agapanthus flower is nicknamed the Lily of the Nile and originates in the Country of South Africa. It normally blooms in shades of blue and the color of white.  Turquoise is the color for the healing of cancer.  However, I considered the blooming of the Lily of the Nile to be a shade of blue resembling turquoise.  It was spiritually symbolic of my healing.

What made the blooming of the agapanthus so unusual was the fact the the agapanthus bloomed mainly at my front door.  There is a corridor of green extending a considerable distance from the clubhouse to the end of the narrow enclave in my what I consider a village. 

I walk this green tree filled corridor many mornings passing bushes, eucalyptus trees, bougainvillea flowers, and grassy areas.  However, it was only at my front door that the agapanthus appeared. 

I experienced great joy and celebrated its blooming.  Still, one year later after my diagnosis I am free of the cancer.

Joel V.

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